The Ops Shop


maren kate

Interim COO

Perfect for companies who have reached a stage where they need someone to head Operations but may not have a clear idea of the role, or don't have the bandwidth to recruit for that position at the moment.

Let one of our Operators join your team for a set period of time! They'll lay down groundwork and help you assess exactly what kind of Operator your company needs, then help recruit for that role when you're ready.


Infrastructure Tour of Duty

Well-built business infrastructure ensures seamless coordination between people operations (HR), processes and other operational tools required for manageable and optimized growth of the bottom line.

Based on your startups needs we create an infrastructure road map that provides you with the foundation to build on so each time your company does something it is more efficient than the time before. 


Fixer Tour of Duty

Sometimes sh** just needs fixing. Is there a part of your growing startup that, despite hard work and effort, lags behind? Often the executive team doesn't have the time, and/or expertise, to jump in and fix it.

Enter our fixers. Operators with specific backgrounds who execute on a tour of duty with the express goal of fixing a problem, department or taking a pain point off the executive teams hands so you can focus on growth.