Storytelling is core to our humanity. It links us to our past and gives us hope for the future. Humans have told stories before the written word existed, and continue to use stories today to influence what they buy, who they connect with and where they stay. Travel brands have a massive advantage from a content and media perspective to create compelling storylines that increase engagement and drive customers—but few are truly maximizing the impact. Let us dive into your company and customers to extract the storylines and set up the content strategy that will set you apart.       


Occupancy Optimization

 Some call them guests, some customers and others passengers, but the one term that spans the industry is: occupancy. We craft unique strategies to drive occupancy and engagement in the short and longterm. First we run tests, from exploring third-party booking platforms, to partnerships mirror-audience brands, to paid acquisition. Then we work closely with your team to quantify and optimize the triggers that turns a one-time guest into a repeat customer.    


Product Innovation

Technology, applications and the rise of Millennial business/leisure travelers are changing the travel and hospitality industry in 2017 and beyond. Let us do an innovation audit to see how the newest technology tools (AI, robotics) and behavioral trends (eco-consciousness, sustainability, minimalism) can get your company to where it wants to be. We pair this with our storytelling and content expertise so we can capitalize on innovation and use it to bring new eyes, consumers and partners to your brand.              

“The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo